You're not Broken, Just Lost

You deserve to be free, fearless and confident.

Regardless of whether you "think" you deserve it or not, you are born to lead. Awaken your true potential and let go of your old beliefs.

What is LLE About


Do you believe the earlier we start empowering one another, the better? 

Do you believe we all have something to offer the world?

Can you say "My Youth is ready for elevation"? 

Have you ever wished that you did things differently? 

My experiences made the road to adulthood very hard but, it was a growing process. The aim of our packages and workshops is to support individuals in discovering their best self.

Our workshops provides experiential learning in order to get onsite results. You will experience yourself as powerful, to create lasting results that matters.


"Knows About Resilience and Empowerment First Hand!"

"Stephanie Lamour is a passionate social educator and youth worker. She has a deep commitment to ensuring children and youth have access to opportunities for their learning and growth. Having overcome her own obstacles to support herself and her family, Stephanie knows about resilience and empowerment first hand!"

—Dr. Dana Fusco
Professor of Youth Studies and Education
Department Chair

Every young person is a seed that needs to grow with the right guidance.

- Stephanie Lamour


Can you go back to the time when you were younger? Do you remember what you went through? 

Has there been times you wish you had done things differently? Have you ever wished you knew then what you know now?

These are some of the self-conflicting thoughts that many people have. Facing trials and tribulations as a youth caused me not to operate at my fullest potential. Feeling unwanted, not using my voice effectively, having thoughts that made me feel unloved; influenced my choices, my actions and have almost cost me my future.

I was the girl who felt I didn’t fit in. I was the girl who always had dreams but never felt I was good enough. I became the women who could overcome challenges but lacked fulfillment.


After several self-development workshops and prayers, I went from hating myself, feeling unworthy, lost, confused, distracted, unable to reach goals, and honestly, from being just a hot mess, to transforming myself to a bold, powerful and authentic leader.  With the power of self development and spiritual growth, I took the leadership role of developing Lamour Life Empowerment to teach youth how to do the same. 


Learn More about HOW we can grow together

Learn more about how we can work together in supporting and guiding each individual on their emotional, mental and spiritual growth. 

"the connections made there were memorable and are once in a lifetime"

 LLE has had a great and positive impact on me. LLE has shown me that strong female role models are not only famous on tv but women who are like me who support their families and communities. The experience was amazing and took me out of my comfort zone. LLE has taught me to relax and be myself, there was no judgement only positivity. I would most definitely recommend LLE no doubt, the connections made there were memorable and are once in a lifetime. I will instill the lessons and values learned in my everyday life because they are important empowerment tools. 

— Shaneeka Defreitas



A seed investor is someone who has been inspired, motivated or driven by any of our services and would like to support us in our growth. 


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