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LLE Lamour Life Empowerment, is a content development and event production organization dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of individuals. Founded by Stephanie Lamour in 2016, Lamour Life Empowerment, wants to inspire and educate individuals with information that will allow them to take full control of their lives in order to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The company provides group and school workshops, seminars, and events.  We also provide free tools such as videos and audios that will help you outside of coaching, seminars, and either small group sessions or live production events.

Choosing to use our services, you should expect to have an experience that will leave you feeling unstoppable and secure.The company is about motivating and inspiring individuals to reclaim their lives, take back control of their lives, and guide them to working on making impactful changes that will create a life that they choose to live.


We help individuals to believe in themselves and that whatever negative thought they had or whatever was stopping them towards achieving success, whether it be in relationships, work, or business, they have the power to overcome those negativities. 


"I want their experience to be memorable, life changing, but most importantly, long lasting. I want to show individuals where my past experiences have gotten me. The best feeling in the world is to be in control of your own thoughts and actions." -Stephanie Lamour.

Our core values

HONESTY, TRUST, GRATITUDE AND TEAMWORK. Our goal is to teach and add principles and strategies into the lives of millions of people so that they become inspired to change and can empower others around them as well. For people who seek happiness and fulfillment within, we want to support them. We want to provide them with the tools necessary to feel empowered. We believe in finding the right strategies in helping you to find the results that you are looking to create the life you desire. 


Our mission is to empower generations in overcoming barriers to create quality ways of living.


To create unity in communities with the intention of empowering men and women to be leaders.


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