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LLE Lamour Life Empowerment is a content development and event production organization dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of individuals. Founded by Stephanie Lamour in 2016, Lamour Life Empowerment, wants to inspire and educate individuals with information that will allow them to take full control of their lives in order to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The company provides group and school workshops, seminars, and events.  We also provide free tools such as videos and audios that will help you outside of coaching, seminars, and either small group sessions or live production events.

Choosing to use our services, you should expect to have an experience that will leave you feeling unstoppable and secure. The company is about motivating and inspiring individuals to reclaim their lives, take back control of their lives, and guide them to working on making impactful changes that will create a life that they choose to live.


We help individuals to believe in themselves and that whatever negative thought they had or whatever was stopping them towards achieving success, whether it be in relationships, work, or business, they have the power to overcome those negativities. 

"I want their experience to be memorable, life changing, but most importantly, long lasting. I want to show individuals where my past experiences have gotten me. The best feeling in the world is to be in control of your own thoughts and actions."


- Stephanie Lamour.

Our core values

LLE’s vision is to create unity in communities with the intention of empowering individuals to be influential leaders positively impacting the world. 


Our workshops create a window to identify each participant's needs and how they show up in their everyday lives. 


Growth: Out workshops focus on supporting individuals in overcoming current challenges in order to move forward with successful desired outcomes. We call this leveling up. 


Emotional Growth: Our workshops allow participants to identify and cist their inner feelings, attitudes behaviors in connection with how they show up in their everyday life creating new possibilities towards a desired outcome. 



We provide participants with the opportunity to explore their ways of thinking and perspective  in order to identify what has not been working and what has been working to achieve their desired results. 



Most people struggle in life because they are fighting battles not realizing that some challenges need to be faced with a power greater than themselves. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe spiritually. We respect all our participant’s beliefs and spiritual practices. During our workshops we offer a Christian based belief as we refer to God as our higher power, as well as divine creator.  You are free to interoperate these beliefs as you think best or not think about it at all. Some people have adapted to the concept of God as they have individually understood and interpreted God. However, you choose to interpret a power greater than yourself is up to you. What Is important for your growth process is identifying, committing and developing your relationship with this higher power. 


In essence we are always looking to be in service to those who aim towards growing past their challenges, we continue to practice and see the benefit of supporting individuals in developing their GEMS! 


The way our workshops work: Everyone learns and takes in information differently. We are intentional about how we conduct our workshops. 


1. Experiential learning: Experiential learning is the process of learning through doing. At our workshops participants participate in many activities in order to have a hands on experience, this provides on the spot results, awareness and  moments of clarity. 

2. Learning through experiences: At our workshops we create a safe space for participants to share their life experience. When sharing life experience, we have discovered that fellow participants learn from one another and successfully build support and relationships towards long-term achievements. 


3. Facilitator effect:  Our trained facilitator has the ability to adjust the workshops according to the participants needs. Everyone gets to feel like a leader, participants are taught early on that the facilitator is there to guide them through the workshops but they have the power to the direction the workshop will go.  


4. Celebrate: It’s just that! Life is worth celebrating, our goal is to end all workshops with each participant celebrating themselves and one another, this motivates and inspires the participants to leave with the momentum to begin a life worth celebrating. 


We cannot do this Alone 

Growing together is illustrated as a relay race. Rather than running the race, we call life separately. We get to tag each other in.  

Most people feel that they have to go through life alone. They feel unsupported.

There can be times where life can get overwhelming.

Imagine how you would feel at the end of the finish line running a 5-mile race, compared to running a relay race where you can tag someone else in as you all reach the finish line.


This is what we at Lamour Life Empowerment refer to when we say "we grow together".

We believe in GROWTH, FAITH, LOVE, and PRAYER.

Reminder: We cannot do it alone! 

We pray that as we give the support we get support. 


If you believe the youths are the future,

If you believe in being a blessing towards others    

If you have been empowered by LLE'S tools or strategies

If you have been inspired by Any of LLE'S services 


You would make a great seed investor.




A seed investor is someone who has been inspired, motivated or driven by any of our services and would like to support us in our growth. 

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