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praying princess Friends experience

Princess Ena Marie can’t wait to meet you. This event is based on the book “praying princess”. If you have read the book, great! If you have not read the book it’s still great because no matter what this experience aims to leave all participants feeling happy, powerful, and inspired. 


What you will get:

-Games that focuses on connection, good listening 

-dance activities that focuses on Leadership 


-Dance party that promotes self awareness, love and appreciation

lle experience 

This is when we get an opportunity to meet and connect with people of different communities. This is when participants go through the LLE experience and discover what our workshops are about. This workshop is created with the intentions of bringing awareness to the importance of self-development.

What you will get:

-Positive strong connections

-Support in goal building

-Tools on how to effectively execute goals

-Rediscovering your best self

-Gifts from us to support your growth

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