This experience involves more intensified and a deeper understanding of doing work in the spiritual. The majority of the time, we find shifts to be smoother and quicker with their experienced dipped in Gold. 

  • 1 fee 30-minute session 

  • 30 days of going intensive spiritual and physical work to get faster results 

  • Weekly (1:1) 1 hr sessions

  • Daily check-ins for support 

  • Special created lessons/ classes 2 a week

  • Specially created to support an individual’s needs

  • Specially created activities to see physical shifts take place 

  • Experimental education with challenges s that will support goal settings 

  • Self-development exercises to create rich relationships, remove hidden blocks, and encourage growth.

  • Journaling

  • Mid parent check-in 

  • Unlimited email access

  • 24/7 support through text. 

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