Who Is Ena Marie Jeanpierre

Enamarie Jeanpierre Was a dedicated Mother, Grandmother, GreatGrandmother to many people including her friends and family. From a young age she spent majority of her life being a care giver to many children and the poor had a special place in her heart.  Enamarie knew what it was like to live without parents making it her mission to serve the young and the poor. While living in her home town Hinche, Haiti Enamarie provided room for everyone and anyone at her house. She never failed to give a plate of food to anyone who needed. Her journey continued when she migrated to the United Sates . Those who had the honor of experiencing her referred to her as, inspirational, Powerful, Strong, Resilient and Authentic. Mrs Jean-Pierre was a warrior, she overcame poverty, cancer, and Alzheimer. She has always been a fighter. she fought not just for herself, but for those around her, she fought physically; but especially in the spiritual. Mrs Jean-pierre never quit until the job was done. Whatever it took rest assure she left this earth knowing every seed she planted will grow. Now its time for her Legacy to live on. Enas legacy is  created to continue the work that Enamrie Jean-Pierre started. We look forward to continuing a journey of giving and supporting families that are in need  through fundraisers, charity work, donations, and feeding the hungry while operating in a legacy of love. 

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