The Praying Princess Book

This book is for the parents who want to gift their children the power of prayer. As adults, we know there are many challenges we have been through imagining nowadays what children go through especially when we are not looking. In this book, your child gets to meet princess EnaMarie who shows them praying can be fun and guides them on how to create their own prayers. Parents get to interact with the activities in the book as well.  

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How to pray and move the mountains In your life

The time in between praying and having your prayers answered can be very challenging. There are many things that may lead you to believe your prayers are not being answered, wither it be distractions, time, or the current situation that may cause you to disconnect with believing as you wait. In this guide, you receive 5 disciplines to support you in holding on to your power of prayer. Once you add these 5 principles to your prayer life along with faith you will have the power to remove any mountains that may stand in your way. 

Grounding in faithfulness


This 7-day Planner can be used to ground yourself during challenging times. 

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Guiding light

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