Grow Youth 
6-Week Mentorship Program

Just as we need to grow so do our youth.  As an adolescent, I am sure you have experienced challenges such as bullying, low self-esteem, bad relationships, broken parent relationships, which made the road to adulthood very hard. Let’s prepare Your youth for the world we live in. Our program does just that. It’s not a cure it’s a start. 

During our six-week program, Stephanie will meet with your youth once a week for 3 hours as Your Youth learns the power of choice, voice, and taking actions. Your youth will receive tools to shift the mindset, unlock doors they may need to open, create break thoughts in a safe loving environment. Creating spiritual connections. Allowing them to use their voice to begin the road in discovering just who they are created to be. 

Your Youth will explore, attitudes, behaviors.  communication, peer pressure, self-image, and start to create lasting results…  (let them leave information if they are interested). 

Program includes. All material…snack provided. Parental check-in.  

 1 free vision board experience workshop for yourself or a guest. 

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