Prior to gaining the trust of your adolescent, it is very important for me to gain yours.  
The truth is not everyone can grow together. 
Let’s see if we all can grow together.
  • If you feel you are proactive and want to see your youth operating at their highest potential

  • If you want Your Youth to have positive, spiritual, effective mentorship.

  • If you can also be an example for your Youth

Growing can’t occur right now.
  • You do not have the time energy or patience to invest in this process 

  • Your investment cannot go beyond the free material

After your  possible growth intake, it would be up to you to decide wither or not we all can grow together.

During our 15-20 minute phone conversation, you can respectably get to know me. I will promise to always be me. As authentic and vulnerable as I can be to create a safe space. 

In saying that our conversation will not only allow you to see if you want to use my services, we will also see if you will qualify as a potential client. 
AS we all know time is one of the best gifts a person can give. 

This possible growth session will take up both of our time. To be fair, I will like to gift those who are serious about creating change and investing in the life of their youth. 

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