Power UP 


This is an opportunity for your youth to experience who we are and what we do. 


Your Youth will get to know and bond with Stephanie Lamour and another facilitator as they talk about issues and topics affecting them. Your Youth will put the work in discovering their highest potential and began putting it into practice. It is truly a workshop that Iignites endless possibilities and builds leadership. This workshop is the key to seeing things from a different perspective. 

In this workshop, we execute the power of choice from start to finish.


  • Everything is done with the intention to make every experience a learning experience

  • Activities encourage teamwork, responsibility, respect, compassion

  • Free gifts 

  • A day they will never forget 

  • Parents Get to celebrate as well.

This even takes place once a month every 4th Saturday

Time:   10 am-1 pm
Location: TBA

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